How do I motivate my child to do well in school? How should I get my students excited?

How can I help improve learning outcomes of the school district?


How can I contribute to education and the improvement of the future generations?


These are all very common questions that we ask, whether we’re parents, teachers, educational administrators, or people who aren’t directly involved in education.

Regardless of our backgrounds, occupations, and experiences, we can all agree that education is vital for so many different reasons. Education empowers children to realize their dreams and fulfill their potential. Education is one of the major keys to breaking out of poverty. Improving learning outcomes doesn’t only affect students’ academic achievement, but it also affects life outcomes as a whole.


Sadly, the US is ranked only 14th in the world for academic achievement. We are 18 points below academic proficiency, and GPAs have improved by a mere 0.05 points since 2000.


That’s where Eager Academy comes in.


At Eager Academy, we aim to dramatically improve student motivation by rewarding students based on their performance.


We provide a digital platform that rewards students with points depending on their achievement. Students can redeem these points online and purchase things that they want. These things are then shipped directly to them.


“But doesn’t rewarding students undermine their motivation and make them study only for the sake of getting rewards?” you might ask. True, Lepper, Green, and Nisbett (1973) showed in their study that rewards undermine motivation, but only if motivation had already existed before the rewards and if the situation makes kids believe that they were only motivated by the reward itself.


However, Lepper, Green, and Nisbett’s study in 1973 used action-contingent rewards, where they rewarded preschoolers simply for carrying out the action of drawing with markers. At Eager Academy, we use performance-contingent rewards. Lepper, Green, and Nisbett’s studies in 1970 showed the protection effects of performance-contingent rewards on intrinsic motivation in students.


So how can you personally contribute to our vision for education? If you’re a parent or teacher, you can contact your school to ask them to consider integrating our platform into their system. If you’re an educational administrator, you can talk with other administrators about implementing our platform. Even if you’re not directly involved in education, you can help us spread the word and initiate those conversations that will ultimately improve our education system and make our world a better place.


We, at Eager Academy, believe in the potential of every student to succeed, and we aspire to empower students to achieve their ambitions by kindling their motivation.


For more information on Eager Academy, please visit or contact Chris Hanson, CEO, at