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Study Hard. Get Rewards.

Eager Academy is an innovative software and rewards platform that improves student performance and motivation. We are integrated with an ever increasing amount of Learning Management Systems, taking student scores and converting them to points they can redeem for a wide variety of cool products, promotions, and gifts.

Eager Academy works with the Blackboard Learn! Platform

My school could use this. How does it work?

All you need is blackboard, and we will do the rest

Improve Averages and Test Scores, Schoolwide

Our platform is based on statistics and research on operant conditioning. Cognitive Science studies have shown the power of precisely timed, performance-contingent rewards, not only on performance but also on intrinsic motivation. We have developed an algorithm that selectively rewards steady long-term improvement and consistency. Students will see the results of their progress, and associate doing well with positive emotions. Soon, they will be confident in their abilities and ready for anything.

Keep Students Happy and Engaged

Our rewards are chosen based on purchase data and student surveys. We have access to a wide variety of products, and one of our main priorities is expanding our inventory to include things students not only want but need, i.e: textbooks and supplies. Students can now focus by spending less time paying for school, and more time working towards their futures.

Make Your LMS Worth the Money

Allocating a huge budget for IT expenses? Let us utilize your data to help students, and give you more value for your stressed budget. We are developing a number of different integrations that will put your data to use, with no effort on your part – just give us your API keys and your whole student body can access our store.

Meet the team

Chris Hanson
Ami Ganguli

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eager Academy?

Eager Academy is a revolutionary education platform that seeks to change the education landscape by incentivizing student performance. Schools choose from a variety of desired areas on systems like Blackboard and Powerschool; attendance, standardized testing, grade improvement and more. Based on the school’s collection we provide students with the ability to set the time-frame and the end result of their own mid to long term goals. They then pick what they want to work toward; TV time, a trip to the movies, even an Xbox – redeem for rewards; provided and agreed upon by their parents, and sometimes their school or local nonprofit.  But that’s not – we nudge students every step of the way, reminding them of what they working toward, and rewarding short-term progress intermittently with products, promos, and gift cards. Incentives aren’t just a kid thing; you can bet we will keep the parents up to date with their children’s progress, and maybe give them a few rewards as well.

Who pays?

Although you can’t put a price on a student’s life outcome, we support our operation by those people who are responsible for facilitating that outcome. Schools or Districts are charged on a yearly, per student basis for ongoing rewards and LMS/SIS integration. We pay for all reward and shipping costs, leaving no hassle or cost to your institution. Contact us for a quote for your school.

This sounds a bit shallow. Why would physical goods improve student grades?

Research has shown for decades that behavior is influenced by the presence of positive rewards.


A common misconception many teachers have is that rewarding students with material goods will undermine intrinsic motivation – a fact from a widely publicized 1970 experiment authored by Lepper, Green, and Nisbett. As information typically gets passed around, details are left out. One important feature is that the aforementioned result only occurs with task-contingent reward, that is rewarding a student for doing. Performance-Contingent reward, or rewarding improvement rather than action, increases motivation AND intrinsic motivation. We trick ourselves into doing well, and then in experiencing the joy of succeeding, we reinforce that behavior in a positive way.

This sounds complex. How much time is it going to take for my faculty to implement this?

The answer is….no time. You will never see the complexity, only the results. Integration with your systems simply requires an API key exchange. With that, we can create all your students’ accounts and implement their login; the app is simply a store.

…and don’t worry about the privacy of your students. We don’t keep the grades; all data is immediately converted to points and the original “score” is deleted, nowhere to be found.

Choosing an LMS is long and arduous; choosing Eager is a no-brainer.

Wouldn’t this just reward the best students, without effecting or changing the behavior of those struggling?

While high-performing students will receive a fair amount of rewards, we have a mission beyond just rewarding marks. We want to improve grades and test scores, at a district level. To do so, we have created an algorithm that learns from various intrapersonal components and adapts over time. The result is that points are geared towards a pattern of slow, moderate improvement; day to day, week to week, and month to month. We want students to gain momentum and improve; we also don’t want them to drop. The second key factor in our system is consistency. With these 2 factors at play, we have a sophisticated formula that works for everyone.

What if my school doesn't use Blackboard?

We are actively working on developing integrations with other LMS systems such as Moodle, Canvas, and Haiku. Please contact us for updates and possible customizations for your existing, non-commercial system.

Teachers: Do you want to see movement in your class’s grades? We would love to talk to you. Although we do offer a trial at the class level, why not help out the rest of the school too and introduce us to your boss?

Schools: We truly have an interest in helping your district meet your academic goals; be they regulatory or internal.  Don’t worry- it’s not too good to be true – we can provide you with ample research and validation.

Businesses: Have a product sample, software trial, or other promotion for K-12 students? Join our network to engage with a young demographic and help our youth’s education at the same time.