FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

-What is Eager Academy?

Eager Academy is a revolutionary education software geared to K-12 students, that seeks to change the education space by incentivizing student performance.

-Why isn’t Eager Academy your typical courseware, like Blackboard or Canvas?

We want to improve Student Engagement and success in school. Our system is geared toward mobile, a platform more attractive to this generation than previous courseware implementations. We don’t just want to log grades-we wan’t to change them. 

-Why don’t you need courseware?

The goal of any software a school uses should be student engagement. Our platform encourages this, while not taking away from the Teacher’s capabilities. In fact, we utilize new software techniques to fit our program to each teacher’s individual preferences, known to be a huge problem in the speed of learning a software and its eventual rate of use.

-Do you charge Schools for system usage?

On-boarding is free. The first six months are promotional and all support is complimentary. We won’t charge your school until we have confirmed a SIGNIFICANT increase in grades, guaranteed. And when we do, we charge only based off the relative size of your school compared to other schools in our network.

-Do you charge Businesses for Marketing?

No. We welcome any business that wants to support students in their path to academic success. The students themselves choose, and we rate the products based on what motivates students the most.

-This sounds a bit shallow. Why would physical goods improve student grades?

Psychological Research has shown for decades that behavior is influenced by the presence of positive rewards. An immediate choice of free, new and exciting products is sure to motivate students by allowing them to visualize products and reap their rewards immediately. We will help them internalize this drive along the way, as well.

-Wouldn’t this just reward the best students, without effecting or changing the behavior of those struggling?

We thought of this issue when we were designing the software; actually, our algorithm actually favors students who improve their grades, slowly but steadily, whilst still rewarding those who consistently perform at a higher level.

-How can you incentivize students when the academic process extends beyond mere grades, but effort distributed along the way?

We take into account various factors other than grades; such as consistency of performance, and the relative date of assignments handed in (earliness of lateness).