Improve Student Performance and Engagement
Performance-based rewards have been proven to increase student performance in addition to intrinsic motivation when executed precisely and consistently. Our software integrates with any education technology platform you use, dynamically pulling key performance indicators and converting them to points. Our algorithm is selectively rewards students based on long-term improvement and consistency in a variety of areas, and we are constantly adapting it to increase efficacy on an intrapersonal level.

Make Your Student Body Happy
We pick our rewards based on real surveys and statistics from people of each grade level, so you can be sure your students will be happy with the results of their efforts. We ship our rewards directly to the students, year round. No effort on your administration, teachers, or students.
Make Your LMS Worth the Money
Allocating a huge budget for IT expenses? Let us utilize your data to help students, and give you more value for your stressed budget. All you have to do is give us your API key, and your students will immediately have access to our store.